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Theo Mistral in TST East has quickly become one of my favorite casual Italian restaurant in town since its opening last year, and I was glad to make a quick return visit last week when Chef Theo Randall was in town to present a series of special menu at his Gary’s singapore italian restaurant. With the invitation that only mentioned a “1-meter Italian Feast”, turned out they did literally prepare a feast for the few of us who attended the dinner at their private room.

Kim Gary is a restaurant from Hong Kong that had expanded its business to Malaysia and Singapore. It serves a combination of Chinese and Western food at affordable prices. When my friends and I came to its outlet in Vivocity, we had to wait in the queue for about 20 minutes to get our seats. It was not even dinner time - we got there at almost 9pm yet the queue was still insanely long!

This rice bowl consists of fried chicken in teriyaki sauce, sunny side up egg and edamame. The teriyaki sauce was delicious. The chicken skin was obviously the 'save-the-best-for-the-last' part.

This time Chef Theo came in with two more dishes, which were the steak carved in front of us and served. Two different cuts were prepared for us – one the Tomahawk Steak, and the other, classic Porterhouse. The texture of the Porterhouse was fine, but I definitely liked the Tomahawk more this time, well-seasoned and with the perfect marble texture. And let’s not forget the rest of the food that was brought in, including a few sides (artichokes and sautéed mushrooms were amazing!), and more meats (chicken and lamb chop). We were told the whole menu is designed to feed 12-16 people but I reckon 20 would be a more reasonable number in terms of serving size. Read More


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